Guide to Citi Price Rewind. Always get the best price on your purchase!

Citi Price Rewind is a benefit on Citi credit cards such as the Citi Doublecash card (one of my favorite) that gives you the difference if you find a lower price after purchase. This guide answers the question: How does Citi Price Rewind work?

Let take an example:

In January, I buy the Logitech G513 keyboard for $149.99 on my Citi Doublecash card:

Now it’s March. I look on B&H photo and see that they sell the same item but for cheaper!

Thanks to Citi Price Rewind, I can request the difference of $20 to be refunded as statement credit! Let’s do it.

  1. Log into Citi Price Rewind ( and enter our item in the search bar.

2. Citi found our item! Now click “Track This Item”

3. Fill out the necessary information. Find your digital receipt or your physical receipt. Snap a pic and upload it.

4. Click “Start a Price Rewind.” That’s it! Now for 60 days, Citi will check retailers for a better price. It’ll find the B&H photo version and give you difference. For most items, this is enough. But in our case, we already see the new price on B&H photo, so let’s just request our $20 now!

5. Start the benefit request manually ( and follow the steps. The only difference being that this time, we’ll take a photo or screenshot of the new B&H Photo price and upload it. This is also useful if Citi can’t find your item if it’s a bit niche.

Once they approve it (usually 2-5 days), you’ll see the amount credit back to your credit card account! How easy is that!

This works great for:

  • Electronics – Which drop in price quickly after launch
  • Computer Games – Which also tend to drop 20-30% weeks after launch
  • Clothes – Seasonal clothes means that items usually go on discount a month or two after they hit shelves. Take advantage of this!
  • Stores where you expect a sale to happen – Nab your item before the sale and price rewind against the sale price.

Drop a comment if you have any other ideas I might not have thought of.

And don’t forget, this benefit isn’t just for the Doublecash card. Check your Citi card to see if you have this benefit too!

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