Save over $800 on your mobile plan.

When we shop (or don’t shop) for a phone plan, we usually (here in the USA) run to the first big names we see (Verizon, T-Mobile) and choose from their menu of services. Usually unlimited data, and almost always somewhere near $100 minimum, regardless of number of lines.

This is what we did. In fact, we were stoked to get a “two lines unlimited for $100 tax include” promo. Man, were we savvy!

Until we looked at our monthly data usage and our jaws dropped. I used about a gig or so and my wife used 400mb a month!

That investment in our 250mb internet and powerful wifi router was going to waste! When we were home or at work, we were connected to wi-fi. So that begs the question… why were we paying for UNLIMITED LTE?

After shopping around, we found Mint Mobile and we were blown away. $15/month for 3 gigs LTE and unlimited talk and text, and on the SAME T-Mobile network we’ve been using! Two lines, that came to $30/month for way more than our average LTE usage.

This fox looks especially cute when we’re saving hundreds of dollars a year!

So lets do some math:

ServiceMonthly CostYearly Cost
Mint Mobile$30$360

$840 dollars a year! Multiply that times decades of usage and that’s some serious savings.
Per year, that’ll pay for:

  • Hotels for a week
  • iPad minis for my wife and I
  • Two month’s groceries
  • A laptop
  • A new TV!

I’ll stop here since you get the point.

SHOP AROUND and decide on a plan that matches your usage! I know this seems obvious, but until you stop and look at your spending and do the math, you might not realize how much money you’re leaving on the table!

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