How we saved $300 in 30 minutes on Airfare

Planning our trip to Europe was fun.. and exhausting. One of our biggest expenses was airfare.

Now there are some truisms about air fare:

  • Book 8 weeks before
  • Book on a Tuesday
  • Book mid day after 2pm

Or at least that’s what it seems like with the seemingly random pricing of airlines.

There is one trick you can take advantage of, even after finding the best price on Google Flights. And it’s what I call:

The Slow Crawl

Most airlines offer a 24 hour free cancellation window. That means that if you can find the same tickets for a better price within 24 hours, you can cancel and re-book.

So if you can spare 5 minutes a day, when you get up, then you should bookmark your Google Flights or Expedia search result page so you can quickly see the current going price.

If it’s cheaper, boom. Book those tickets and cancel the old ones.

Check again before you go to bed. Check again when you wake up.

We were able to slow crawl our $1300 tickets for 2 people down to $1000 over the course of 3 days by checking, cancelling, and re-booking.

That’s $300, just for checking. In fact, we were okay with the $1300 tickets! The lower pricing was a bonus.

It’s totally worth the effort, and you might be leaving real money on the table by not checking.

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